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Our inventory is constantly changing so check back often. If an item you're looking for is not listed, call or email us. We may have it. If not, we can get it.
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Log Skidders

Used Cat 525C for sale

2010 Cat 525C Grapple Skidder
Dual arch, enclosed cab, winch, heavy duty axles, 30.5-32 tires. $85,000

Used john Deere 748H for sale

2008 John Deere 748H Grapple Skidder
New 30.5-32 tires, winch, enclosed cab with heat and air. Good running and tight. $80,000

Used john Deere 548G III for sale

2006 John Deere 548G III Grapple Skidder
23.1-26 tires, winch, enclosed cab with heat and air. $80,000

Used john Deere 540B for sale

John Deere 540B Cable Skidder
23.1-26 tires, winch. $12,500

Used Timberjack 225D for sale

Timberjack 225D Cable Skidder
18.4-26 tires, Detroit enginge, Hercules winch. $12,500

Feller bunchers

Deere 643J for Sale

2008 Deere 643J Feller Buncher
Waratah FD-22 saw head, cold air. $47,500

Prentice 2470 for Sale

2007 Prentice 2470 Feller Buncher
22" hotsaw head, 28L-26 tires. $37,500

Tigercat L830 for Sale

2003 Tigercat L830 Track Feller Buncher
22" hotsaw head, leveling cab. $160,000

 Timbco Bar Saw Head

33" Barsaw Head
360 degree rotation, 33" bar. Fits Timbco / Valmet feller bunchers. $30,000.

Log Loaders

Prentice 2384

2007 Prentice 2384 Knuckleboom Log Loader
Cummins power unit, delimber, joystick control, circle / bar saw hookups. $60,000

Tigercat T240B for Sale

2005 Tigercat T240B Track Log Loader
Slasher saw hook ups, high rise cab. $100,000

Prentice 384

2004 Prentice 384 Knuckleboom Log Loader
Delimber, joystick control, bar saw hookups. $37,500

Barko 495ML

2004 Barko 495ML Knuckleboom Log Loader
Delimber, saw hook ups, joystick controls. $27,500

Deere 335

2003 John Deere 335 Knuckleboom Log Loader
Delimber, joystick control, saw hookups. $35,000

Barko 160A

1998 Barko 160A Knuckleboom Log Loader
CTR ground saw, Deere power unit, lever controls. $22,000

Prentice 410E

1998 Prentice 410E Knuckleboom Log Loader
Cummins power unit. $22,500

Prentice 410E

1997 Prentice 410E Knuckleboom Log Loader
Delimber, Less than 500 hours on new Cummins power unit, ground saw included. $30,000

Prentice 210D

Prentice 210D Knuckleboom Log Loader
Joystick controls, Cummins power unit. No saw hook ups. $10,000

Hood 8000

Hood 8000 Truck Mounted Log Loader
Lever control. Mounted on an '86 Mack R686ST truck. $15,000

Prentice 210

Prentice 210 Knuckleboom Log Loader
Lever controls, Detroit power unit. Mack truck. $6,500



CTR Ground Saw

Ground Saws
From $7,500. CSI, CTR and more...



Call or email Stacy at 931-397-5647 for all your Dozer needs


log trailer

Log Trailers
Several to choose from...

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